you need
  • computers, printers, A4 paper, pen, work book director or pure form of its printing business.
Before you fill in the work book director , it is necessary to write an application for a job at his same name and sign it himself, if he is the sole founder of the company.
If several founders of the company, a protocol of the constituent assembly, which is signed by each of the founders.
are labor contract with the director of the company, which is signed by the director of both sides, if - the sole founder.If several founders, the contract signed by the director of the employee and the employer - chairman of the board of founders, who is an elected person.
issued an order for employment, where the hired for the position of
director and the employer acts as the director, he also signs it.
If hired for the position of director not start work record, you need to buy her a blank.
The first page of the work book you must enter the name and patronymic hired for the position of director , his date of birth.
In accordance with the document on education write status of education and received during study profession specialty.
Specify the date of filling of employment record.
The first page of the work book puts a signature face, filling it, and do not forget to put a seal of the enterprise, in which the plant employment history.
Put down a record number, date of admission to the post of Director .
The fourth column write the phrase "accepted the post of director ".Put cadre signature and stamp of the organization.
In the fifth column of the work book received for the post of Director enter the base of employment.The basis is an order for a job or protocol of a constituent assembly.In some cases, both documents indicate.