During the energy audit is necessary to solve a number of major objectives: the identification of specific areas or departments, where the overspending of energy.In addition, in accordance with the requirements of current legislation of mandatory energy saving, problem solved necessary formal energy audit.The solution of all these problems is possible only through the joint work of engineers and experts of energy audits ora special operations personnel.
Energy audit at the enterprise in any use of energy, it allows you to define areas of wasteful spending, energy saving potential and priority areas to reduc
e the financial cost of energy.
Assess the effectiveness of the use of electric energy, as well as an assessment of the actual state of the energy department of the organization.Carefully study the object, perform the collection and processing of all necessary information: Determine the amount and cost of energy consumption.Then draw a survey of energy flows and check the condition of the equipment and to ensure its uninterrupted supply.
develop technical and organizational solutions with energy-saving indication of projected savings, as well as the valuation of energy sales.Arrange the energy passport of the enterprise, according to the requirements of GOST.
Identify opportunities to conserve resources.Make a program of activities which will be sent to save energy in practice.Make recommendations for the protection of the equipment.
Determine the vision, strategy and tactics of implementation of the recommended actions, which are aimed at energy conservation organization, and even increase energy efficiency in the enterprise.
Make a record of the energy survey.After a report on the results of the work ( energy audit a) the enterprise is more important document, which shall contain the results of the analysis of all relevant data, recommendations, as well as other useful information.