Start the registration certificate with the name "act of marriage", which should be located in the top center of the sheet.Below, specify the name of the company and a structural unit (section, department, and so forth.), Which publishes the act.Write the number and date of the order or instruction on creating act.On the right, leave enough space for the signature of the head - a prerequisite of registration of this document.
Put record "Approved" indicating the positions, and the name of the head space for a personal signature and date of sight, deciphering it in parentheses.Enter the number of the act in accordance with the ongoing enterprise and taking into account the date of its publication.Make a brief description of the document, such as "Marriage in the produ
Apply for a substantial part of the document in the form of tables in her characterization of products, quantity, product name, price, features and reasons of marriage, as well as the perpetrators.Write total amount of write-off.For the accounting this part is especially important, therefore, need to specify the amount in figures and words.
Write in the final act of the number of copies, and specify to whom they are addressed.Select several separate lines that are left in the signature all the members of the Commission on the identification of marriage, including the Chairman.Also, the signature should leave the material and the person in charge.Follow generally established format: position, signature, name and surname.In the last paragraph concerning the decision of the head point profit financially responsible person, etc.
Complete document detailed table describing marriage, specifying the possible causes of its appearance, its code causes the amount, etc.This part of the need to analyze and prevent this marriage of products in the future.