Tip 1: How to fix the work book

Recently, there are cases of making incorrect entries in the work book, so the question of the proper correction of errors concerned a considerable number of people.Often there are cases and change personal data, which also requires a change of outdated information in the workbook.How to fix the work record is regulated by the Government of the Russian Federation.

So if required, correction of employment record and their execution order:

  1. Change Change of personal data, for example, the names after marriage.The title page of the relevant record.

  2. Changing the name of the organization where the person works, or a change in its organizational and legal form.In this case, the relevant record in the "Work Experience."

  3. When making an entry error, employment history is corrected by entering accurate data into sections "About rewardings", "Information about the work."

  4. Correction performed at the place of the errors (in the workplace).If it is not possible to fix the work book possible at this job,
    this will serve as a base document organization, where he made a mistake.

  5. Attention!When fixing in the column "Details rewardings", "Information about the work" can not be done strikethrough, erasures, etc.This is a gross violation!To fix, you must adhere to the established order: one box with incorrect record the serial number, for example, №1346.The following column is written the date of entry.The third column indicates the different number and write "Record No. №1346 invalid."And the last - fourth graph used to indicate the document number indicating an error.This scheme is universal fix for all inaccuracies.

  6. Often, the employer makes the dismissal record, which is hard to find a good job.For example, dismissal on the grounds of absenteeism and abuse of alcohol.Most workers in order to avoid problems later a job, throw the work book, and write a statement about her loss.The method is not legitimate and is fraught with trouble, becausein the new workbook is placed the inscription "Duplicate" and the new employer can easily find out about the old place of work.Plus, you lose experience.

  7. If the work record entered incorrect entry, then the owner is entitled to demand a replacement.

And finally.Be careful, as practice shows, often the owner of the errors and inaccuracies book reveals not immediately, but in subsequent employment.As a result - a waste of time and nerves.

Tip 2: How to fix the entry in the workbook

Try to avoid incorrect entries in the work book, but if it happened, it is necessary to know how to correct the incorrect entry.Before placing the work book, carefully read the instructions for filling it out, otherwise it will dazzle solid patch that has implications for human resources practitioners.
How to fix the entry in the workbook
you need
  • Instructions for completing the work book
If you make a mistake in the design of the title page of the work book, you should cross out the incorrect entry, andon top of it to make correct information.After that, the inside of the crust employment record doing such a record, such as "surname Ivanov Petrov fixed on the basis of passport data or marriage certificate series number ____ ________ by a certain date, month, year."Next, specify the name and initials of the person responsible for the conduct of work books.This entry is required to assure the official stamp.The same applies to other information about the owner of the work book - name, age, education.All this is correct and record on the crust of employment record in a similar way.
Assuming errors in the recording in the "Work Experience": transfer, assignment qualifying category, renaming the company, in any case, do not cross out, as do many ignorant cadres, making the following incorrect entry"Alteration", and put the official seal.
How to do it correctly: incorrect entries below do new, but the correct entry.Stamped serial number of the next new record, are making the right information in the column "Date", "information work", "on the basis of which the entry was made (document, its number and date).If these changes relate to the recording of resignation, then we make out a new record, as appropriate: put the signature of the employee of personnel service and assure her official seal.
In the previous legislation to correct the incorrect entry in the paid labor could only book the employer who made it.Now the situation has changed.In accordance with paragraphs 27 and 28 of the Regulation to amend the employment records and possible new place of work the employee on the basis of an official document of the employer made a mistake.
Helpful Hint
In case of incorrect or inaccurate entries in the workbook fix it at the place of work where the corresponding entry was entered, or the employer for a new place of employment on the basis of an official document of the employer made a mistake.The employer is obliged in this case to provide the employee with the necessary assistance to his conversion (p. 27 of the Rules).For official documents, based on which, you can correct the incorrect entry may include copies of orders for admission, transfer, dismissal of an employee ...