It's in the Soviet time three concepts: a diploma, employment history and experience have been linked inextricably literally.Today, they no longer have such a sacred value, but is still in demand.This is despite the fact that many can not even explain why they need a degree in marketing when they work as cleaners.
Diplomas lost their value when turned into a paid study process, because anyone can get it not for the knowledge.Workbooks and experience are irrelevant due to the fact that the majority
of the population works informally.

Diploma Diploma - a document proving that you have completed higher education, and a specialist in a particular area.Previously, to get a diploma it was a matter of honor.He pointed out that before you a person competent, intelligent and well versed in the subject.

Today diploma - it is rather a tribute to fashion.After all, most of today's students learn, simply because so want.As a result of the high schools often go professionals who are in the profession-and never will work.
There are exceptions.Many government agencies send their elderly employees already receive a diploma even though that person works here for many years.

diploma has value only if you clearly understand why you need it and very responsible learning.

work book

Today, employment records is called a relic of the Soviet past and, increasingly heard talk about the fact that they are not particularly something and need.After all, the new pension reform focuses more on deductions from the salary of man, not on his experience.But that is no reason to believe that their employment records become obsolete.

In fact, employment records is the main document certifying employment rights.It has a rich history, because there was a work book in 1938.Trudoviks characterize this document as follows: a kind of human labor biography, which displays his education, qualifications, career development and attitude to work.

Based on labor books determined by the size of the various social benefits: pensions, allowances and set the size of salary.Work-book surrenders to the personnel department for employment and returned to the person at his dismissal.


Seniority - the value is quite vague.From the official point of view, the length of service is called a formal job, when there is all the necessary entries and notes in the workbook.However, due to the development of the market and the transition to an informal schedule of work experience, many become unofficial, ieIt works enough experience and records of this nowhere.

Seniority is divided into several types:
- insurance;
- general;
- special;
- continuous.

Each of them has its own characteristics.And each of them is a very specific purpose.Seniority is necessary in cases when the question of the appointment of a person of different benefits: pensions, benefits, salary increase, etc.