Certification jobs - a procedure required in order to confirm compliance with the requirements of workplace health and safety.

What is certification of jobs and why it is needed?

January 1, 2014 into force began to operate the new law "On special assessment of working conditions» № 426-FZ, adopted on 12.28.2013 year.According to the bill, as such certification has been canceled.Now conducted declaration that by working conditions meet all established standards in OSH.But, nevertheless, carried out after the declaration, a certificate still workplace.

certification by specialized companies.It can be centers of expertise, laboratories, which received the proper accreditation and the right to conduct appraisal work.Certification shall be subject only to the workplace,
which can be attributed to the optimal, or at least acceptable to the class created working conditions.Thanks to the certification, providing a full working conditions, which are necessary for the safe operation of the employees of an organization (company).It should be noted that the certification is carried out solely based on certification of workplaces.

In turn, the certification that precedes certification allows:
- dangerous for workers to identify the impact of production factors;
- identify low-quality organization of labor protection.

Certification jobs today

Today in Russia there are about one hundred and certification jobs.But most importantly, it should be noted that the certification is completely voluntary and compulsory.Mandatory certification in the Russian Federation was introduced in 2002, when it was first published by the relevant law.

If a few years earlier was only carried out mandatory certification of jobs, today it is carried out on a voluntary basis (mostly).Thus, the employer (director of the firm, company) has the ability to choose an organization that will make the assessment and certification of comfortable jobs.Voluntary certification - is not only a test and evaluation of jobs, but also assist in improving working conditions, assistance in removing inconsistencies.

In order to appeal to a particular authority for the voluntary certification of workplaces, it is recommended to examine the register of all registered systems (organizations) voluntary certification.