you need
  • - Federal Law "On Advocacy and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation" from 31.05.2002g.№63-FZ;
  • - higher legal education;
  • - experience in the legal profession for at least two years;
  • --profile autobiography;
  • - copy of the passport;
  • - a copy of the diploma;
  • - a copy of employment record.
If you are attracted to the profession of lawyer to start check out the Federal law "On Advocacy and the Legal Profession in the Russian Federation."Examine the rights, responsibilities, powers of attorney, the order of acquisition, suspension and termination of status, organization of advocacy and legal assistance to the population.Note specified in the law an obstacle to the award of the status of attorney: the existence of capacity constr
aints, as well as outstanding or unwithdrawn convictions for premeditated crime.
to become a lawyer, you need a law degree.Form of study - full-time, part-time, evening, remote - does not matter.However, choosing a college where you are studying law, pay attention to the existence of state accreditation.
receiving vocational training, you must complete at least 2 years in the legal profession: to require a higher legal education state and municipal officials, including law enforcement agencies, in legal services organizations, teacher of legal disciplinesinstitutions of secondary, higher and postgraduate education, as well as an assistant to a lawyer or notary.In addition, you can do an internship in the Collegium of Advocates.Keep in mind that if you worked at the legal profile while studying in high school, this period will be removed from the desired time.
Next post in the Chamber of Attorneys Qualification Commission statement on the status of the lawyer assigned to you.Enclosing a copy of the passport form, curriculum vitae, copy of employment record with a mark on the work of the legal profession, a copy of the diploma of higher legal education.Please note that the Qualification Commission is entitled to apply to requests for confirmation you provide information and documents in the organization, which they were issued.
Once the scan you will be admitted to the qualification examination, which is held in the form of a written test and oral interview.Examine the list of issues proposed by the applicants, refresh your knowledge, consider the changes occurred in the legislation, if necessary, fill in the blanks.Passing the exam ensures the assignment of a lawyer status.In the case of a negative result try again next year.
The completion of the acquisition of the legal profession, you will need to take the oath on fair protection of the rights, freedoms and interests of clients in accordance with the law and the code of professional ethics lawyer.