Tip 1: How to make money in housing

Building engineering today - it's a headache for users and administrators of all levels.Rates are rising, quality of service falls.Is it possible to earn in this sphere and to make fair?
To open a company engaged in public service, to register legal entity (Company, Ltd.) with the tax authoriti
es.Get codes Roskomstat, register printing MCI.Open and correspondent bank account.You get a license (for each activity type separately).
podyschu office space, and dispatching services.This is easy to find room on the first floor of almost any home.Approximate Square - 40-50 sq.m.Chief accountant can work from home.Get the conclusion of sanitary and fire inspections.
Apply for a certificate for the provision of public services in the Department of Public Utilities.Imagine a set of documents, which usually includes:
- certified copies of constituent documents;

- a certified copy of the certificate of registration (BIN);

- a certified copy of registration with the tax authorities;

- certified copy of the statistical codes;

- information about the founders (ITR diplomas, certificates, certificates CCP);

- tenancy agreement and a certified copy of the certificate of ownership (get the landlord);

- bank details.
Purchase all the necessary equipment and tools.At first, you can use the services of workers using their tools.In addition, you'll need mobile and landline phones for all managers and employees bond.However, you can connect and unlimited corporate rate.
recruitment.Your company will definitely need 1-2 qualified engineer if you are not an employee engineers.In addition, managers will need 4-6 (in shifts), plumbers, carpenters, electricians.If you are going to do and sanitizing the house and surrounding areas, hire a staff of janitors and cleaners.
Service Agreement with condominiums and housing department.Invite them to gather together all these extra fees and sending utility receipts, especially that of the banking license is not required.

Tip 2: How to get a grant to pay for housing and communal services in Moscow

to pay for municipal services on a monthly basis is required to pay each family, but if the amount of receipts exceed ten percent of the total family income, the difference between them is coveredfrom the state budget.Residents of the city of Moscow provides subsidies in accordance with the decision of the Government of Moscow dated 19.09.2006 № 710-PP.
How to get a grant to pay for housing and communal services in Moscow
you need
  • paid receipts for housing and communal services, a copy of the contract for social renting (ownership), statement of earnings, the relevant documents, housing legislation.
In order to obtain a subsidy from the state, Moscow family need to collect receipts for payment of utility services for electricity, water supply, heat supply, sewerage, gas, garbage collection, its utilization for the previoussix months.And in housing legislation has a clause that the above documents have to be paid.For 2011, the standard payment of utilities is for one person - 2136, 73 rub., For each member of a family of two people - 1 733.61 rubles., Three people - 1 637.58 rubles.
subsidy is supposed to families whose total income does not exceed ten percent.Over the previous six months in the social body of a statement of the income of each family member.From 1 January 2011 for citizens living alone income per person should not exceed 21 367.30 rubles., For a family of two people - 34 672.20 rubles., Three - 49 127.40 rubles., Four- 65 503.20 rubles.
If the family owns the apartment or house, to social bodies for the city of Moscow is necessary to submit a copy of the contract for the right to property.If the family is applying for a grant, a housing tenant, she must provide a copy of the contract for social renting of the residential area.

compensation from the state relies depending on the area in which the family lives.If a subsidy is applying alone living citizen, compensation is calculated from the 33 square meters, if the family consists of two people - from 42 square meters, three or more - 18 square meters for each family member.
average family income when applying for compensation from the State in a month is less than 800 rubles., The family does not have to pay for all utilities.If the per capita income ranges from 800 to 2000 rubles., A family pays three per cent of the total housing and utility services, if the income is from 2000 to 2500 rubles., Paid six per cent.When income exceeds 2500 rubles., Paid ten percent of the cost of services.If the family will be entitled to a subsidy, does not pay for utility services for two months, this right shall cease to have effect.
  • How to get a grant to pay for housing and communal services