Estimating object start by drawing up local budgets for certain types of work.Local estimates are based on the approved pricing or contractual prices.The local estimates indicate required for each type of work materials, the unit value of the material and the estimated need for them.In the final estimates for the object are taken into account all of the local budget, given the cost of the payment of all object.
In summary estimate Bring enlarged and generalized indicators, consider it cert
ain types of costs - for the purchase of construction equipment, work on the decoration, the cost of paints, preparing a package of documents on land, reimbursementthe clearing of land and demolition of buildings and structures.
for budgeting, except for special construction education, necessary to properly assess the composition and volumes of work, the number and range of building materials, you need a spreadsheet Excele or special programs for budgeting.They can be found on the Internet, many of them free.The databases that are built into this special software, has laid the main types of work, their costs, construction materials and standards of consumption, etc.It is possible to adjust the data input the new information.
As if building a large object, estimates better divided into stages, which will be paid separately, as you complete.Consider the estimate overhead costs, which include the content of the administrative unit of the company of the contractor and the cost of transportation of construction materials.Note and interest on the extra costs that are difficult to foresee at once.
Note to estimate all the costs of this project, do the calculation of the necessary funds, determine the cost of wages, calculate the cost of building materials.