Progress - a progress from a lower to a higher, from the less perfect to the more perfect.Regression - the opposite of the concept of value.The essence of social progress and its criteria are debatable issue.Even in ancient times there were those relating to the history of cycling and sequencing of progress and regression of society.French thinkers believed the story of continuous updating and improvement.Religious movements, in contrast, believes that society will inevitably regress.The great philosophers of antiquity, such as Plato, Aristotle, Toynbee believed that society is moving forward on the steps of a closed circle.This movement corresponds to the movement of the cylinder in a spiral, moving in which soc
iety takes the same steps, but regressing or progressing at the same time.
Modern sociologists believe that progress in some areas of public life are always connected with the stagnation in other areas.Scientists came to the conclusion that society will never regresses, however, periods of stagnation inevitably happen, and sometimes stagnation lingers for a long time.If you plot the progress of society, it will be similar to the zigzag curved line, where the period of progress followed by a period of stagnation.
On the criteria of social progress goes even further disputes.The main and the only recognized is the humanistic criterion.This concept includes the length of human life, health, the development of certain areas of cultural life, education, attitude towards their fellows and wildlife, respect for human rights and the extent of his freedom and other aspects.
Company is a complex mechanism, in which different social groups and different processes operate in parallel.These processes are not always the same in its development, which means you can not determine the specific criterion of the progress of society.
The concept of progress is always based on a certain value or set of them.Moving forward without purpose is meaningless.The aim is the same kind of idealistic view of how society should be.However, the concept of Aristotle and his proposed methods of analysis of development of the state to the present day have an impact on research sociologists and political scientists, who are increasingly inclined to the impossibility of the progression of some processes in a society without recourse other.