after an accident or collision with any object on the road, collect pieces of plastic bumper and take them with you - they will help fix the bumper.Remove the bumper from the vehicle and clean it from dirt.
Prepare an electric soldering iron and start to solder broken parts inside of the bumper.Soldered parts evenly, forming the seams of equal width.Solder branching cracks and make sure they are solidly fused.Additionally secure the seams on the inside of the stapler staples, setting them on every 2 cm in the heated plastic.
While the plastic is melted, "smudge" his crack to s
mooth inner surface of the bumper, and then check whether the recovered his front side.The front side of the bumper grind grinder using a grinding wheel to remove the paint and primer.The front side of the solder similar to purl, and then align the exterior cracks, smoothing around the heated plastic.
repeatedly abrade the front of the grinding wheel, static dust wipe with a wet cloth, and then treat the plastic exterior building hairdryer.Treat bumper filler for plastics, causing its minimum layer on the bumps.
After drying putty treat sander and sandpaper by hand and then wipe or blow away any dust from the surface of the bumper and spread the ground under the paint.Prime the surface of the bumper in two layers, withstanding 15 minutes between the primers.
Put on development with the bumper to further refine irregularities.Where Film development remains, sand the plastic again, and then treat the primed surface nitroshpatlevkoy.Degrease and dry the bumper.Polish it, cover the base, and then apply the paint and lacquer.Polish the bumper - the repair is completed.