in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation in 1995, the title of "Veteran of labor" was the all-Russian, and his assignment was due to the presence of a sufficiently long work experience and awards marks of distinction and honorary titles of the USSR and the Russian Federation.The same law defines the list of benefits to veterans who were eligible.However, since 2005, the order and conditions of granting the title of "Veteran of work" is defined by regional authorities.In this regard, any differences between the different regions: anywhere from awarding the veteran refused to do, and somewhere in the list of persons entitled to receive it even expanded.

For example, the law of Moscow determines that the veteran of work is entitled to 50% discount when you pay utilities, telephone, free use of urban and suburban publi

c transport, a monthly allowance and a free spa treatment.

To get the title of "Veteran of work" does not necessarily wait for the onset of retirement age.In Moscow, for this you need to collect a package of documents in the composition:

  1. employment history or help archival institutions confirming seniority

  2. Certificate awarding orders and medals

with this package of documents should apply to the Department of Social Protectionof the population in the community, and on the same day will be issued a decree on conferring the title of "Veteran of Labor" or refuse to do so (in the latter case must state the reasons).However, the use of the provisions benefits the citizen will be able only after the retirement age.

With the title "Veteran of work" in some regions there are often problems at the holders of "Winner of socialist competition" and other similar distinctions, recognize that a sufficient reason for granting the title of "Veteran of work" in some cases it is possible only with the help of the Commissioner for Human Rightsand repeated appeals to the courts.

about how to obtain the title of "Veteran of labor" in other regions, it is necessary to find at your local social security authorities.In some regions, for this title do not even need a reward, but rather only the respective seniority.