most popular invention of the XVIII century

Until now, when configuring many musical instruments used a tuning fork.This product was invented just in the XVIII century.Its creator was John Shore, the court trumpeter of the British Queen.This invention is widely used not only musicians, but also singers.Invented Shore fork allows for 420 oscillations per minute, and the sound it makes equated to the middle note.

Carbonated water, which is so like hundreds of thousands of people around the world, it was invented in the XVIII century.Before the popularity enjoyed special water from the mineral springs, but its transportation and storage is expensive, so scientists have worked to develop a method of artificially carbonated water directly to plants.Result managed to get Joseph Priestley, a chemist from England.The first production of s
parkling water on an industrial scale began Jacob Schweppe.

first combat submarine, called "turtle" also appeared in the XVIII century.Its inventor was David Bushnell, one of the teachers at Yale University.Several attempts to use "turtle" to attack enemy ships fail miserably, but in the future, developers have improved significantly this invention.

Other interesting inventions XVIII century

navigation tool ousted in the XVIII century astrolabe - sextant - was invented by two people working independently of each other.We are talking about John Hadley, a mathematician from England and Thomas Gedfri, American inventor.Sextant greatly simplify the process of determining the coordinates at the time of travel.

Another great invention of the XVIII century was done and Pieter van Musschenbroek Koneusom, his disciple.It is a Leyden jar - an electrical capacitor.This invention greatly simplify the process of studying electricity and the level of conductivity of different materials.Furthermore, it was obtained through the first artificial electric spark.Now Leyden jar is rarely used, and then mainly for demonstrations, but do not forget that this invention has allowed scientists to make a lot of very useful discoveries.

XVIII century was a good time for the flight.In this era of the Montgolfier brothers made the first balloon filled with hot air, and Jacques Charles - the same unit, but filled with hydrogen.In addition, in this century, there was a first parachute.Its inventor was Louis-Sebastien Lenormand.