Sophisticated instrument of torture

monstrous tortures of the Inquisition gained wide popularity in the countries of medieval Europe.Particularly strong anguish brought "Spanish boot".As the name implies, this procedure invented in Spain, but later it was used in other countries, including Germany, France, England and even Russia. ¬ęSpanish boots" is often used, and the royal gendarmerie fascist executioners.

¬ęSpanish boot" come up with ingenious figures of the Spanish Inquisition, which were very creative.The task was simple - to create an instrument under the influence of which the accused would be deprived
of heresy will become docile and compliant.The name of the inventor of this monstrous concrete structure remains unknown.

history almost no details about how to actually were torture at the hands of the Holy Inquisition.The names of the victims and the executioners often remain a mystery.The Holy Fathers were men of foresight and did not want to leave traces, allegations of torture and the subsequent massacres.The material evidence of the recognition of the accused are usually destroyed after the interrogation and execution and people have reported only that the defendant himself admitted his guilt.

¬ęSpanish boot" in action

instrument of torture called "Spanish boots" to what extent do vaguely reminiscent of shoes.By type of instruments of torture is a pair of metal plates or two wooden planks, between which the legs of the victim were placed.Construction of such a torturous devices in different countries were somewhat different, but the principle of its operation remained unchanged.

worked "boot" on the principle of conventional clutches.The executioner wielding wedges and screws, sliding iron plates, which are slowly but inexorably crushed the bones of the lower extremities.The devastating effects experienced ankle and knee joints, and muscles of the lower leg. place that is exposed to this mechanism, turned into one continuous bloody mass.

withstand such torture could only be one, and then only by those who by nature have a fairly high pain threshold.When under the influence of the clutches of the bones began to crackle, a victim of either immediately agree with the accusation, or simply faints.Even if the recognition is not followed by the death penalty, the sufferer usually died of gangrene, or to the end remained a helpless invalid.