vegetative buds - a short shoot, which consists of embryonic stem and embryonic leaves.This is also called bud growth, as it grows out of it a new sheet.These buds are small in size and have an elongated pointed form.After germination, vegetative buds of shoots appear different lengths.

flower buds are well developed the rudiments of flowers, of which only develop flowers and fruits.These buds are mainly stone fruits.If the kidney is a flower, it is called the bud.

There are buds that are just the beginnings of flowers, leaves, flowers and stems.These buds are called mixed or vegetative-generative.These buds are the most common in pome rocks plants.Mixed buds compared with vegetative large and rounded.

Kidneys are brown, gray and brown color on the outside they are covered with scales, which
protect from the cold and kidney damage.The flakes that produce resinous substances, such as birch and poplar, are called closed or protected.There kidneys which have scales, they are called naked or unprotected.But the cold naked buds are protected by a thick fuzz.The plants, which need to migrate sudden changes in temperature, for example, the lily of the valley, the kidneys are located in the underground shoots or at the bottom of the ground.At a cactus bud scales were transformed into needles, which perform a protective function.

If the kidney is located at the end of the shoot, it is called the apical or terminal.This kidney functions as shoot growth in length.If the kidney is located on the side of the stem, it is called the lateral or axillary.

kidneys may be singly or in groups in the leaf axils.With this kidney is not only protected by a sheet on top of the physical damage, but also from kidney sheet receives a large number of nutrients.Kidneys that vnepazushnye called clauses.In a location they have no laws.Their main function is vegetative propagation.From adventitious buds grow shoots.

There are "buds resume."This bud perennial plants that are due to adverse conditions are at rest, upon the occurrence of suitable weather, they form shoots.Also, there are dormant buds.They remain unsolved for a long time.These buds are perennial plants, deciduous trees and shrubs.Dormant buds may not develop for several years.Factor in their development can serve as a cutting or destruction of the plant stem.Dormant buds are of great importance for the bushes.If the main shaft stops its growth, then begin to develop dormant buds, which form a subsidiary trunks.Their size may exceed the parent trunk.

Plants peculiar pattern: kidney formed from maternal child and later kidneys themselves subsidiaries are converted into the parent.