Initially, commodity prices are set based on the reference prices of the enterprise-producer.However, getting the initial price ranges in the future, taking into account a variety of factors, such as the implementation of market, prospective customer base, and others.
the sale of goods its price decrease can be carried out by different methods, depending on the needs of the seller.
most common discounts to wholesalers and seasonal discounts on products.Volume discounts allow with a slight decrease prices to realize significantly higher volumes of goods , and seasonal discounts allowed to actively sell se
asonal goods during the off-season period.
Separately, it makes sense to focus on stimulating price cut, designed to enhance the growth of sales of a product in the shortest possible time.The essence of this principle is to reduce the price of the short, but very significant reduction in the price of a particular commodity or group of commodities .Sometimes the price can be reduced even below cost.However, using this principle, it is important not to forget about the key factors, without which the use of stimulating price reduction will not bring the desired result.
key task at lower prices for goods - to stimulate overall growth in sales, and not just to implement the goods on which the price is reduced.Therefore, you must first correctly place the goods at a discount, so that when they purchase a client optional items at full price, and secondly, it is necessary to provide proper information to customers about existing price reduction of the goods, otherwise the offer will benefitinsufficient number of customers, and it did not bring the expected results.