you need
  • - the certificate of registration of the LLC;
  • - office space (20 square meters);
  • - a set of office furniture and equipment;
  • - staff (several lawyers and a secretary);
  • - all available means of advertising.
Register entity - often the creators of law firms are choosing a legal form as a limited liability company (LLC).The one who is going to help other companies to register, registration problems should not be.Will need to provide information about the founders, the authorized capital of the company, as well as documents confirming the right to use the premises, the address of which is selected as legal.
Rent office in which you work, you and your experts.Special requirements for the office of the law firm is not, as long as it was convenient to work and are not ashamed to accept clients.The equipment required standard - a set of office furniture, office equipment, telephone and stationery stock.
Pick personnel to work in their company, based on the scale of the work that you have chosen for themselves.Legal professionals to find the best on the recommendations, as a law degree itself today the price is not very high.Furthermore, it is desirable experience in the art or near the field.For beginners, it is advisable to hire a firm to be no more than two lawyers, the Secretary will also need to maintain order in the office.
Think promotion strategy of the firm, without which this market can not operate.The advertising budget of the company, dealing with the registration of organizations , can be up to ten per cent of its monthly turnover, need to use all available means for supplying the advertising information.First of all, place ads in the print media and city directories for goods and services, then make for the firm establishment of a small website, and finally, do not forget about the outdoor advertising that attracts your potential customers passing or passing by.