you need
  • - copy of the passport;
  • - representative of the company in Finland;
  • - application to the Central Patent and Registration Department.
Determine what type of activity you want to carry on in Finland.There are five different types of businesses.This person is a liberal profession (to earn a private way);personal partnership;joint stock companies;cooperatives and associations.Self earnings implies an activity for only one person, not a corporate one.The partnership also does not apply to corporate business.Here, each person involved in the case shall be personally responsible, all actions of partners are inextricably linked to each ot
her.The corporation is a separate unit that has some tax breaks.
Note that Finland has a social project, which assists novice businessmen.It's called Enterprise Finland.Contact by phone 010-19-46-82 on weekdays from 9 am to 16 pm, and will answer questions relating to the opening of the business in Finland.
Contact Trade Register Main patent registration and administration in Finland ( you can see how the unique name you have selected for the name of his company.If that name already exists, here you can freely choose another using special computer with full database of existing names.Also in the facility citizen who is not a resident of one of the EU countries must obtain a special permit to conduct business.
package of documents depends on the chosen form for opening a business in Finland.For IP you need to get in the above special permission management to operate the business.Provide a statement, a copy of the alien's passport, as well as the representation, ie,a person permanently residing in Finland and has a right to receive a variety of agendas related to doing business.It is also necessary for the transaction of notice of registration (provided, again, in control), completed on a special form in duplicate in the Finnish and Swedish languages.
To register the commercial activities of the partnership, it must have at least two founders.Send to the General Directorate of Patents and Registration of the application to obtain a permit to operate the company.In the paper, specify the name of the applicant's nationality, place of establishment of the applicant's contact details.Also attach a copy of your passport.Please note that the notice of registration of associations are made in duplicate in the Finnish and Swedish languages.