successful businessmen do not need to remind you of the need to care for their appearance.White smile, timely haircut and getting rid of facial hair, manicure - details that draw the attention of people around.

Clothing, footwear and accessories

Ideal sitting suit, sewed from expensive high-quality fabrics, able to talk about a business man and his company much more than information from the reports.Of course, such a person has to itself, causes trust and respect even before they start talking.

business owner has the right to set the rules of the dress code in the workplace.If some day not scheduled business meetings and negotiations, it is allowed to come into the office, even in jeans and shirt.But doing business imply official.

jacket should sit on the figure without cr
eases and folds, emphasizing the dignity of man (broad shoulders, tall, stateliness) and possibly concealing flaws.When properly selected size sleeves reach to the wrist bone.Putting down his shirt, it must be ensured that the cuffs were from under his jacket to 1.5-2 cm. At the same distance is to act and collar.Trousers successful people have ironed straight arrow.The length of the leg should be up to the place where it starts to heel shoe.

shoes and accessories - these are things that indicate the status of a person, and one that is not worth saving.Shoes, belt and bag should be made of expensive high-quality leather.It is best to give preference to classic colors: black and brown.Tie and socks should be in harmony with the color of the suit and shoes.Watch with a massive metal dial with a leather strap and expensive phone model and produce a favorable impression.

Smell plays an important role in creating the image.From a business person it is always nice to smell expensive perfume.Choosing a fragrance should be preferred calm, not too tart, sharp or sweet compositions.


little dress like a successful person, you also need to stay in business.The main features of a successful businessman is confidence, solidity, elegance, accuracy and integrity.He was polite to everyone, in spite of the status of the person.His vocabulary is completely absent curse words.Businessman values ​​his and other people's time.Come to the meeting on time, says the case and to keep our promises.