you need
  • - business plan;
  • - room;
  • - package permits;
  • - advertising.
Begin development of a business project on the organization of a nightclub with the selection of suitable premises.Analyze the structure of prospective customers.Trendy youth club should be located in the city center and are usually located on the outskirts of more democratic institutions, which visitors are residents of the area.In any case, choose a location to which would be easily accessible by public transport and the metro.
Among Find premises excluding the first floors of residential buildings.It is better to choose a stand-alone non-residential premises, ideally away from the sleeping area.
room for the organization of a nightclub should be a large area for the location of the ballroom and have a high ceiling for mounting lighting and sound equipment.Look closely at the buildings of the former houses of culture, idle factories to shops, cinemas to inactive, if left in your region.
Prior to the construction and finishing works, make a competent project with a certain conceptual idea.Choose a theme club, depending on the audience and the musical accompaniment and execute it "on".Clubs can be focused on jazz, Latin, the youth pop culture, elitist audience, "gold" young people and so on. D. To develop the concept better to conclude a contract with the professionals: art managers, promoters.
to open a nightclub prepare the package permits.At the initial stage, this coordinated project for the construction or refurbishment of premises for a night club, which was approved by the chief architect of the city and the authorities.After completion - an act of the state commission on acceptance and commissioning of the clubhouse.After sanitary and epidemiological conclusions issued by Rospotrebnadzor permission to place a nightclub on a particular area.
Organize a campaign of his institution.Depending on the audience, you can hold it in the institutions, places of "clusters" of young people to advertise on local radio, book and glowing banners advertising signboard.