you need
  • - original recipes for soap;
  • - a room of about 50 square meters;
  • - powerful electric furnace;
  • - metal containers for boiling soap;
  • - wooden molds for soap by injection.
Collect as much as possible the number of prescriptions of soap - use all the information, which can only be found in the public domain.A good result can give a search for recipes on the English-language Web sites - Industry decorations soap in the West developed extraordinary and you can apply the experience from their foreign colleagues.The main thing - to have in its arsenal, at least some of the recipes, which are not yet known for your numerous competitors.
Rent a room of about 50 square meters, to equip it in the production area
and warehouse for finished products.The room must be connected to the water supply and electricity, utilities increased capacity for the production of soap is not required.
Get a equipment for the production of soap - electric stove, several large metal containers (pans, vats of 10 liters capacity), wooden forms for the finished bars of soap by injection.You also need to regularly supplied the raw material for pulping soap - soap base, essential oils and a number of other ingredients, in accordance with the recipes you have selected.Some necessary for you to imported components from abroad, and will have to deal with wholesale suppliers.
find four replacement workers - two varschikov soap and two packers working in pairs.If you are going to work for the future, constantly developing new models and increasing the scale of its production, and find a designer who will take on the creative component of work.Accountant on a regular basis, you may not be necessary;will be sufficient to refer to the relevant suppliers of outsourcing services.