Register with the tax authorities or the SP LLC.Get codes Rosstat statistics.At the moment, to open service centers do not require any license or permission from the traffic police.The only thing that will need to issue a mandatory basis - are certificates of conformity for each type of service.
podyschu room garage.Best of all - on the road, near the garage cooperative or gas stations.The room has to be an observation well (or a special lift).If it is not equipped, you will have to negotiate with the landlord of his device.Contact the sanitary and fire services to the experts after inspection of the premises you have written a positive opinion about his condition.Therefore, your shop must meet all standards and requirements SanP
in with which you need to read in advance.
Purchase or rent equipment, tools and materials.The newly organized private garages are usually specializes in the most popular types of work: changing the oil, minor repairs of engine, tire.To stand out from competitors, which in any locality a lot, do not skimp and buy good equipment from foreign manufacturers.In addition, this equipment will help you to carry out the work, not only qualitatively but also fast, that is a plus for your workshop and provide you with a steady flow of customers.
to repair many cars imported require special programmable displays, which are only available to authorized dealers, so it is better not to take risks, and open service for repair of domestic machines.
to attract repeat customers, set a reasonable price for the services, but not dumping, otherwise you have to, first, keep the defense against competitors, and secondly, to work around the clock to though kakcompensate for the costs.
To find different experts for the workshop, try to talk to them face to face and offer better conditions than those in which they are now working (and that high-level professionals will never sit withoutwork, do not doubt).Some may be interested in a high salary or interest on the orders of others - a large amount of work that you will be required to provide them.
Contact the Department of SRC and submit documents: - certified copies of constituent documents - certificate of registration PI / Open Company, - extract from EGRIP / Incorporation; - codes of statistics; - a certified copy of the certificate on the right to non-residentialroom, you have received from the lessor - the tenancy agreement - a positive opinion from the health and fire services; - a list of equipment available in the garage.
invite specialists from SRC so that they have tested the performance of your service and issued a positive opinion on each of the types of work, based on which you will be able to obtain certificates.