first race of beings who inhabited the Earth millions of years ago, was sexless and bodiless, they were described as glowing balls of fire were like gods.Later, these creatures came to be called angels.They communicate telepathically with enormous energy force, able to communicate with the higher mind and inhabited the territory of the Far North.Perhaps, in those days, before continental drift, the north has been modern South Pole, Antarctica looks a bit different - it was not covered by ice shell
, she had a climate warmer.Since the first race evolved and almost completely disappeared from the face of the Earth.


second race was more dense, these creatures were rising up to 40 meters, their body shape resembles a human body, but it was translucent.They are also able to communicate by telepathy, but they are able to comprehend the essence of the world through touch.Their country was called Hyperborea, the remains of this civilization in the 40-ies of the last century, looking for employees Anenerbe on the Kola Peninsula and Greenland.


Lemurians were the third race of humanoids, they inhabited the continent, according to some sources was located between Madagascar and Australia in the Indian Ocean, on the other - in the Pacific Ocean.Lemuria is often called Mu (Mother of humanity), but just as well and called Pacifis - Mainland, is presumed to be present at the site of the Pacific Islands.This gives reason to believe that Pacifis and Lemuria - the same thing.Body Lemurian were so dense that they could feel the temperature of the environment.Dark-skinned giants reach 18-20 meters in height, had telepathy and telekinesis, for some of them there was a division of the sexes. Remnants Pacifis and Lemuria is considered to Easter Island, it located the giant sculptures - moai, it is all that remains of a mighty civilization Lemurian.


cultural and political center of the fourth civilization was an island nation of Atlantis, the Atlanteans were direct descendants of the Lemurian, they were rising 3-4 meters, had a body like the bodies of modern humans, skin color was red with different shades.Greeks are considered descendants of the Atlanteans, Egyptians, Indians, Olmec and Toltec.It was the most technologically highly developed civilization, according to some, many times greater than modern.

They built magnificent buildings, moved and treated with multi-ton blocks using an ultra high technology, to fly into space and perhaps travel between worlds.In ancient legends have information about the war of the gods.It is not known Atlanta fought each other or fought with the Lemurian race, but traces of the devastating wars, archaeologists found around the globe: melted rocks, nuclear explosion destroyed the city, describing the destructive weapons, preserved in ancient Egyptian, Indian and Indian texts.After global cataclysm - the Flood, one of the Atlanteans move to another planet, another "obmelchali" lost their knowledge and hit and turned into modern humans. In another version of the Atlanteans disappeared under the water or under the earth, and there are still living, occasionally giving itself felt inexplicable phenomena - UFO geoglyphs, crop circles.


modern mankind - the representatives of the fifth race, the Aryans, who after the Flood were implacable hostility to the Atlanteans, who tried to capture the surviving site.Degraded tribes over time became known as the Atlantean gods and worshiped them."Gods" of the ancient world have a powerful weapon, high intelligence and human vices: they know how to love, hate and suffering, may be cruel and merciful.According to the prophecy, the fifth race of evolving into a powerful and highly spiritual beings - indigo.They will have all the mobility of modern humans, but also open up a way for laid ancient knowledge and skills.