problems with compression occurs when a part of the combustion of fuel gas is not working entirely on the establishment of full power of the engine, and escapes through leaks in the resulting compounds of the engine parts.This is their additional heating and rapid wear.
to determine the cause of the fault, check all the cylinders in the engine compression .She stopped by means of the device - compression tester.The operating principle of this conventional gauge, in which the i
nlet opening is formed as a tube with a nozzle of a rubber cone.This ensures tight closing holes in the twisted spark plug.
When measuring the compression necessary to comply with two mandatory conditions:
1. engine must be at operating temperature, ie,thermal gaps in the details of the piston must be absent;
2. rotation of the crankshaft must be carried out using the electric starter.
For control measurements of compression is maximum readings.After compression in all cylinders of the engine stopped, determine which of the cylinders "sick."The difference in readings between the cylinders of the engine compression tester must not exceed 1 kg / cm.
further investigate the cause of deterioration of compression.This can be:
1. Violation of the valve timing, ie,incomplete closure of the time cycle - working stroke.
2. Wear a pair of piston: the cylinder - piston engine.But, fortunately, to severely damaged piston steam first occurs deterioration or malfunction of the piston rings as compression and valve stem.
To eliminate the disruptive timing requires partial disassembly of the engine.Remove the cylinder head and make grinding valves.This will eliminate a gap appeared between the valves and intake and exhaust ports of the cylinder head of the engine.
Causes of loose connection of the piston with the cylinder of the engine may be several:
• piston rings do not lie freely in the slots, and due to poor engine cooling, incomplete removal of the oil from the cylinder wall scraper ring, "lay"iedo not change in size depending on temperature and does not provide a tight connection to the engine cylinder.
• occurred wear of the cylinder walls or piston rings, because that does not provide a snug fit them together.As a result, gaps are formed in the gases from the combustion of the combustible mixture, it interferes with the normal operation of the engine.
Depending on the cause of the deterioration of the compression of the engine, the following ways to restore it:
If piston wear is negligible, it is necessary to try to recover them through the use of additives that are added to engine oil.They contribute to the restoration of worn surfaces.
also add additives to the fuel.They improve the cleaning of cylinders of the engine, will not form coke on the valves and, thereby, will help to reduce engine wear.
If you wear piston has reached a critical point, then the best thing to do repairs in the service center.