Stepping repair

1. Disconnect the wires from the "minus" battery cable.

2. Remove the engine protection if you have it installed.To do this, the left and right sides to protect the engine, unscrew the two screw fixing mudguards to protect the engine compartment.Then head to the "10", remove the two screws securing the rear motor protection.Now, holding the defense on the head "10" Remove the five screws securing the front to protect the engine and remove it.

3. Loosen the nuts of the generator to the upper arm and turn the key in the "10" adjusting screw counterclockwise to decrease the tension of the alternator belt.Move the generator to the engine block and remove the belt from the alternator pulley and the crankshaft.

4. Disconnect the wires from the terminal «D +» g
enerator.Take the protective rubber cap on the output of "B +" and the head of the generator to "10", unscrew the nut and remove the wire tip tip wires to the generator output.

5. head to "13", unscrew the nut of the top fastening of the generator and an adjusting bolt.Then, remove the tension bar.

6. head to "13", unscrew the nut of the bolt of the bottom fastening of the generator and remove the spacer.

7. Holding the hand generator, remove the lower bolt of its fastening and remove the generator.

8. Take care of dismantling the generator.Head on "8", unscrew the nut and remove the plug from the output «D +» generator.Head on "8", unscrew the three fastening nuts and remove the casing housing the generator.

9. Remove the three goals with the mounting studs of the housing of the generator.Marker, mark the relative position of the covers of the generator.

10. heads on the "7" remove the four bolts, tightening the cover, and remove the back cover to the stator assembly.

11. Put on the generator pulley retaining nut on high head "24" and through its hole, insert the Allen key "8" hole in the rotor shaft.Remove the generator pulley nut, holding the head in the "24" pipe wrench or vise.

12. Remove the spring washer, a pulley and the spacer.Push the rotor shaft of the front cover.

13. To replace the front bearing slotted screwdriver to remove the four screws that secure the pressure plate bearing and remove it.Hands push the bearing out of the nest.If your hands to push the bearing fails, beat him with a mandrel or the toolholder suitable diameter.

14. To replace the rear bearing puller dvuhzahvatnym Xpress bearing rotor shaft.To install the new bearings of the generator, perform all the above operations in reverse order.

Useful tips

After remove the alternator belt, check his condition for cracks, tears and detachment of rubber from the fabric base.If necessary, replace it.

If the stator is not coming out of the front cover, hook it with a screwdriver on opposite sides of the front cover.

When compressing bearing generator using dvuhzahvatnogo stripper, make sure that the screw extractor rested precisely in the center of the shaft to prevent damage to the plastic insulator slip rings of the rotor.To install the puller jaws on the plastic sleeve of the rotor is provided with two flats.