you need
  • - a set of keys;
  • - jack;
  • - chocks;
  • - belay support;
  • - set back racks;
  • - puller for the springs.
Prepare VAZ-2114 to conduct repairs.In the process required to compress the spring, so for this purpose you need to buy a special puller.However, the rear rack fared little better than the front.It is possible, though quite troublesome to carry out the installation of the shock absorber without a stripper.The presence of the pit is desirable but not mandatory.You can carry out a replacement as it, and without it.With the pit, of course, will be more convenient, do not have to be in the supine position.
Place wheel chocks under the front wheels for greater fidelity can even include speed.The key 19, loosen th
e wheel bolts.Twisting the full need them only after lifting the rear of the car and lock it in this position.Before starting repair all fittings should be treated with a special penetrating lubricant.It will greatly facilitate twisting nuts and save your time.
Open the trunk lid.Under the shelf on the back covers are made of rubber.They must be removed using a screwdriver or a suitable thin tool.Under these plugs is mounting rods shock rear suspension.Remove the nut wrench 17. The preferred use of the L-shaped cap, as will have to hold the rod from turning to open-end 6. If it's not, you can use a pair of pliers or a platypus.
Move under the vehicle and install a spring puller.At the moment, the main thing that it does not fly out sharply.After the final showdown will have it harder to compress.Take two spanner to 17. One must be installed on the bottom of the nut lugs damper.It needs to rest in any part of the suspension, so it does not rotate.The second key is necessary to unscrew the bolt.It is possible that the need to increase the lever.As an attachment, you can use a small piece of pipe.
Remove the screw by turning it counterclockwise.If it does not come out, it must knock the bolt of smaller diameter.After removing the rack from the car, you need to take with her only one piece - the spring.It will require strong compression to facilitate installation.Then take a new stance and fully pushing its stock (only in this state is carried out assembly and installation).Mount on her bump and dust, the last to put the spring.Installing the rack is made in reverse order of removal.