you need
  • - paper and drawing equipment;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needle and thread;
  • - color film for pasting;
  • - Building a hairdryer;
  • - Stationery knife and scissors.
Think about all the changes you want to make the interior of your car, and set aside the amount of money, you're willing to spend on such a venture.If you want for less money as possible to transform the interior, the perfect solution is to buy slipcovers.Today, sellers of autos offer you a very wide range of different covers.
Get new interior details.They may be new door handles and armrests for driver and front passenger.In this case, you can not stop at the factory version, and make their o
wn changes in purchased items, obkrasiv them or sheathing material.
Change torpedo.It is possible to install the dashboard of another car .The easiest way to install a torpedo from the other models of the same line as you.This will at least make technical changes to the design of fixtures.Such a method is the most popular among owners of cars VAZ.However, if the alteration is necessary to consider safety as properly installed torpedo in an accident could cause serious injuries to occupants.
Obtyanite plastic parts with a special film.To do this, use a soap solution of water and hair dryer building.The preferred paste removed parts.Color film, choose according to your taste.
alter interior of your car .To do this, remove all the rest of the cabin.Remove the door trim, ceiling and floor.According to him make the pattern.Select a new material, from which you will make lining.It is best to use special materials that are designed for use in the car.
On the back side of the material mark the future of the details made pattern.Make sure that marking of parts and cut on it.
made the first fitting.Sew basting stitch detail.Try blanks on the seats.If they fit well, sew all the details of the final seam with fine stitching.Hide all sticking threads and put seat covers.