you need
  • - pliers;
  • - jack;
  • - brace;
  • - key 32 (head);
  • - a hammer;
  • - screwdriver.
Before replacing the brake pads Wheel, find out the reasons that led to the need to replace them.Most often, block change with oily surface pad, insecure connection when the friction pad with a base lining is damaged and wear of the friction linings.Always replace them in brake mechanisms of both rear wheels.This rule is.
So, engage first gear and put it under the front wheel stops, the car did not move.Make sure, whether the machine is disinhibited.If so, the parking brake lever is pushed down all the way.Next, remove the rear wheel, and set the car on jack.
Before replacing the pads, check
the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir.If brake fluid comes to the mark max, then pump out of the tank part, directly to the replacement it is not spilled.Draw off the liquid, start to remove the brake drum.The drum is best to remove the rotational movements.After disconnect the spring arm lash adjuster from the front pad and unplugging it from the other end of the lever, remove it.Removing the spring, remove the adjuster lever itself.
How to change the rear pads on Renault
Following the removal of the bottom make a return spring pad.To this end, a screwdriver, pry the spring and gently Bring her out of the hole in the rear brake pads.After the end of the spring will be in the hole, simply remove it completely.Remove all tabs with pliers, slightly move Vered front shoe.Hold the rear column, remove the adjuster with the spacer bar.
Next, take the shield of the brake pad and the back by pushing the lever of the expander spring pliers, remove the arm from the parking brake cable.After removing the pads secure the piston of the working cylinder by pulling its rubber band.Clean or replace pads make their installation in the reverse order.