you need
  • - new bulb;
  • - screwdriver.
Replacing headlight svetaVyklyuchite ignition.Open the hood and Ford.Disconnect the negative battery terminal.Remove the screw that secures the lamp, using a screwdriver.Press the two latches located behind the lights and hold it.Remove the headlamp.Remove the protective rubber cover protecting the headlamp from dirt and moisture.The plug is located opposite the lamp beam.Gently squeeze and pull out the cartridge.Remove the old bulb from the socket.Remove the new lamp .Please note that you need to take it for a base, without touching the glass, otherwise the lamp may burn out immediately when switched on.If there were grease stains should be carefully wipe it with alcohol.Insert the new lamp into the reflector and secure.Put the rubber cap and insert the headlamp in place.Fix it.Turn on the ignition and dipped beam, and check the operation.
salonaOtsoedinite Changing the light bulb wire from the negative terminal of the battery.Carefully pry Courtesy light with a screwdriver and remove it.Bend the spring contact and pull out the old lamp .Insert the new bulb into the cabin Ford Focus.Install ceiling interior lighting in place.
Replacement lamp lantern pointer side povorotaOtsoedinite wire from the negative terminal of the battery.Carefully remove the wheel mudguard.Place your hand between the wing and the fender liner of the car.Squeeze the clips that hold the lamp and remove it from a special hole in the wing of the car.Remove the bulb holder from the lamp.For this it is necessary to turn the chuck anticlockwise.Remove the old lamp from the cartridge.Install the new lamp into the cartridge.Insert the cartridge in the case of the index.Install the turn signal lamp in reverse order.