you need
  • tires;
  • tools
to start correctly pick up the room.Only need to change a tire on a clean canvas or the plank sub-genres.It is necessary, firstly, for aesthetic reasons.After all, you have to go down to the ground, and to tinker with the car in the mud is not very nice and comfortable.And, secondly, on such surfaces it will be best seen if something falls.
How to change
Once a suitable property is selected, put under the car sticks or stones, or special devices to prevent it rolled away.Then enclose under one side of the car jack and lift the edge.If the machine will be all the wheels on the surface, the tire can not be changed.Remove the wheel, which will replace the tire and roll it to the side.
Taking off "non-seasonal" rubber , you must mark each wheel accordingly.So
right front wheel can note marked "PP", left rear - "LZ".It is necessary to reverse the change in the rubber, you could easily put on wheels "right" tires.Experts assure that put the rubber , which was behind advance is impossible.Because tires wear depending on with what you drive the car.If the car is front-wheel drive, the front wheels will be more worn.It is also desirable to comply with the sequence right and left, but it is not as critical as swap front and rear tires.
How to change
Accordingly, the removed rubber need to put the one that suits the season.The sequence is the same - on-stamped labels.
After you change the whole rubber , it is desirable to go to the service and make the wheel balancing.So you are sure that everything is done correctly.
How to change