you need
  • - key "10";
  • - flat-blade screwdriver.
Open the hood of the car.If the design of the machine provides a decorative cover for the battery and, it must be removed.Pry up the retainer with a screwdriver and remove it.Pull the locking component and remove the casing.
Hook screwdriver and remove the housing five catches.After that it can be easily dismantled.
Remove the head "10" frame that holds the battery front.Disengage the hook and remove the studs behind the frame.Remove the insulator at the terminal with a "plus".Remove the key "10" terminals of both wires.Picking up a pen and battery, remove it from the slot.Its installation is done in reverse order.
Check the condition of the battery is removed a home or garage.First measures the voltage across it with a multimeter.As you
know, the best for the correct voltage and is considered to be charged at a rate of 12 volts.
determined visually the electrolyte level in the battery e. Remove all the tubes, close it and look inside the cell.If battery is in good condition, the electrolyte completely covers the upper edges of the plates.If the electrolyte level fell fill the cells with distilled water up to the required level.Then you need to charge the battery .
Charge the battery for ten to twelve hours, setting the charger current value equal to one tenth of the battery capacity well.
measures the density of the electrolyte charged battery and using a hydrometer (in each cell).Considered normal density of 1.25-1.27 g / cm3.Work battery and will be ineffective if the density of the electrolyte at least one of the cells is less than normal.
Finally metered power after charging the battery using a multimeter or a loading plug.When measuring the voltage at the load fork serviceable battery charged but it should not fall within five seconds following twelve volts.