you need
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - a set of screwdrivers;
  • - wrenches;
  • - manual.
Find a place where it will be convenient to make removing or replacing the bumper.It is best suited for this fir garage.You can also use a rack or lift.It is much easier to deal with removing the bumper, when the front of the vehicle is suspended.To do this, you can raise the car on jack.
If your equipment Chery Fora has fog lights, open the hood and disconnect the plug "minus" of the storage battery.This precaution is to avoid short circuits.
Try to wash the vehicle before removing the bumper.Pre-wash release the machine from dirt that may cover bolts and screws holding t
he plastic parts.With special rinse thoroughly bumper and the space underneath, are free of dirt wheel arches.
find the bolts, which are located within the wheel arches.Take the wrench to loosen the eight and they each bolt.Proceed very carefully so as not to inadvertently upset the delicate plastic.
Then remove the screwdriver screws holding the grille.Gently pull it out and pull of the slots.Under the grille positioned two bolts.They also need to unscrew.
Now unscrew six bolts holding the bumper to the wings and body of the carrier.You can use as a wrench and screwdriver.
Grasp the edges of the upper part of the bumper, at the same time pull out and up.At the same time try not to pull sharply not to break the attachment.Lift the bumper for a couple of centimeters up and remove the fixings.
Locate lower mounting bolts and remove it.Also, be sure to disconnect the connector from protivotumanok.Sami pads or try to roll masking tape or wrap in a clean cloth so that they are not clogged with dirt.
completely remove the bumper.Carefully inspect all fasteners.Repair broken fasteners or replace them with new ones.The installation of the bumper in reverse order.