you need
  • thin magnetic needle, solenoid, ammeter, right-hand rule.
magnetic induction conductor tokomSoberite direct chain of ammeter and direct wire, connect it to the power supply.Determine the point in space where it will be measured by the magnetic field, and measure the distance from it to the conductor.To do this, drop a perpendicular to it and measure its length in meters.Connect the power supply and measure the current in a circuit with an ammeter in amperes.The value of magnetic induction get by dividing the current strength in the distance from the selected point to the conductor and the number 6.28, and multiply the resul
t in the permanent magnetic 1,26 • 10 ^ (- 6), B = I • 1,26 • 10 ^ (-6) / (R • 6.28).Then take the right-hand rule (your regular corkscrew) and begin to twist it in the direction of the current, which is directed by arrangement from the positive to the negative pole of the source.The movement of the handle thumb will indicate the direction of the field lines, and built on a tangent vector, and will show the direction of the magnetic induction.
magnetic induction coil with tokomSoberite chain of round conductor, which is a circle with a known radius and an ammeter.Connect the power supply to the circuit and measure its strength in amperes.Determine the center of the induction coil by multiplying the value of the current at 1,26 • 10 ^ (- 6) and dividing by twice the radius of coil in meters B = I • 1,26 • 10 ^ (- 6) / (R • 2).Turn the handle of thumb in the direction of the circular current, and it will show the direction of forward motion of the magnetic induction in the center of the coil.
magnetic induction field solenoidaRasschitayte magnetic induction coil.To do this, measure the length in meters and count the number of turns in the coil.Assemble the chain with a solenoid and an ammeter, connecting it to the power supply.The value of the current multiply by the number of turns and the number of 1,26 • 10 ^ (- 6), and divide the result by the length of the solenoid.This will be the value of the induction inside the solenoid.Install a magnetic needle at one end of the coil, its northern (blue) shows the direction of the end of the induction vector inside the solenoid.