Some of the most common representatives of Coleoptera in central Russia - a chafer.Their color and diversity is very large, and they eat mainly flowers of various plants and fruit trees, while not causing damage to agriculture.

chafer found throughout Eurasia, with the exception of mountainous regions and deserts, are diurnal, like sunny weather and practically do not eat on cloudy days.In this weather, these beetles behave extremely passively hiding under the leaves to the roots of plants.Bronzovok have virtually no special protection, they are not toxic and are easy prey for birds such as magpies, jackdaws and rooks.
seven-spotted ladybug is found not only in central Russia, but also in other areas - in the Far East, Central
Asia and even North Africa.This beetle - a true predator, and the main food for the seven-spotted ladybirds are other insects.This view was transported to North America to fight aphid populations.

seven-spotted ladybirds enemies - parasites, bugs and fungi, which mostly attack the pupa of beneficial insects and parasites on them.Seven-spotted ladybird should not be confused with the other sub-species of ladybugs, for example, dvadtsativosmitochechnoy or potato that are harmful to agriculture, destroying crops.From birds, these insects are protected by a special toxic liquid that is harmless to humans.
not the last place in the list of beneficial bugs that live on the territory of Russia, took zhuzhzhelitsy.Most of these insects - not just predators, but the real destroy of harmful insects in agriculture, because of this artificially propagate zhuzhzhelitsy today found virtually all over the world, every year the increasing population and the diversity of species.

But there are among these insects and pests, such as bread zhuzhzhelitsa.This beetle feeds on grains of barley, rye and wheat, and its larvae eat the stems and leaves of these crops, causing serious damage to grain crops.
Other Coleoptera pests stands Colorado potato beetle.Appearing for the first time in America, this insect has spread around the world, including in Russia, being first in the west, and by 2000 reaching the Primorsky Territory.
From aquatic insects is worth noting water beetles, freshwater residents that occur in Russia almost everywhere.It is quite full beetles, they can even fly, but they do it very reluctantly, and then only to replace a reservoir to a more suitable for their life.