To determine the level of noise uses a special device - a sound level meter.The principle of operation is the conversion of sound into electrical signals.This is accomplished by non-directional microphone, which is connected to a voltmeter, calibrated in decibels.At higher sound pressure is increased at the output voltage of the voltmeter.Noise can be hydro, mechanical, electromagnetic and aerodynamic.
sound level meter allows you to measure the level of noise both terrestrial and aquatic mechanisms and power lines.Various filters noise meter, depending on its use.With weak noise 's use filters type A, to measure strengths - type B, peak levels measured noise filters type C. To measure aircraft noise using sound level meters with filter type D. In the manufactur
e of all sound level meters must undergo calibration.
In each case, you must choose the right version of the sound level meter that measures all parameters noise .There are sound level meters for the mass measurements that allow you to quickly and accurately determine the parameters of the noise to verify their compliance with the sanitary standards.
There are sound level meters that allow you to analyze the causes of non-compliance for their further elimination.Modern sound level meters have many advantages and are equipped with additional functions: recording signal, the transmission parameters on the PC for further processing, memory for storing measurement results.
In determining the level of noise room should be made measuring at least three points.The distance of the device to the walls, floor and ceiling should be at least 0.5 m and at least 1 m away from windows.Hold the device at an angle of not less than 10 degrees to any surface.The measurement time at one point should not be less than 15 seconds.In large rooms should take measurements at several points.