Make payment data that characterize the different sides of the organization associated with the emergence and use of its cash flows.
Calculate the value of the liquidity ratio, which reflects the company's ability to meet short-term debt.In order to determine the absolute liquidity ratio, which determines the size of the amount of coverage of short-term debt obligations are not in cash terms, and with the help of securities or deposits, it is necessary to correlate the amount of cash and the value of short-te
rm investments with the available amount of current liabilities.
identify indicators urgent liquidity.It can be calculated in the form of relationship the amount of the most liquid current assets (short-term investments, the value of accounts receivable and the amount of money) to the value of short-term liabilities.
Determine the current ratio.You can calculate it as the ratio of the value of the quotient of current assets and current liabilities.You will see how much the firm has funds that can be transferred to the repayment of short-term liabilities.
Count profitability ratios.These indicators will help you assess how profitable is the production company.In turn, the value of the coefficient profitability of sales will show a part of the profit, which was derived from the value of all sales made.You can determine the value of the ratio of the net profit and the number of sales, multiplied by 100%.
Determine the amount of the return on own funds.This ratio reflects the efficiency of the use of funds in equity.It can be calculated using the following formula: net income divided by the sum of their own money investments, then multiply the result by 100%.
Write conclusions to estimates.Then you can specify planned values ​​for the following year, comparing the data with those obtained indicators.