you need
  • - Sets keys and sockets;
  • - pullers for shafts and bearings;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - Adhesive TB-1324;
  • - sealant;
  • - a hammer;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - workbench with a vise;
  • - new oil
Find a complete and detailed instructions on the complete dismantling of the gearbox of your vehicle.It may be included in the repair manual.You can also find it in the special technical literature sold in auto parts stores.Various transmission may be very different from each other in the internal device, and their dismantling should comply with all sorts of nuances and know the features of the design.
Remove the box from the vehicle.Clean and wash the body outside.Remove the dipstick check th
e oil level.Disconnect the shift lever.Unscrew all the nuts securing the cover and remove them.Analyzing the gearbox, follow the instructions.
Consider often common features disassembly gearbox, typical for almost all models.Nuts primary and secondary shaft tightened very strong, and they should be turning away a lot of effort.Do not disassemble unnecessarily synchronizers and shift fork.After removing their synchronizers Wrap film or tape them so they are not scattered.
Replace all O-rings with new ones.Vykruchennyh bolts previously planted on the glue, clean the old adhesive layer, and during assembly, apply a fresh.Housings Inspect for cracks, chips, dents and nicks.Minor defects aligned sandpaper.If you find damage, replace major parts.
Rate the condition of bearings and their seats.Bearings must not have backlash jamming and creaking during rotation.The seating surfaces in the crankcase must not be damaged or wear.Bent, worn or damaged rods and shift fork and replace with new ones.
Inspect the seal lip axis.They should be smooth, without any defects.If necessary, replace them, and it is desirable - put new seals in all the mechanisms.Clean the magnet and check its magnetic properties.If damage or loss of property and replace.
Collect the gearbox in reverse order.All rubbing surfaces liberally lubricate the gear oil.Install the magnet.Treat sealing gasket plane of the rear cover, gearbox housing and clutch.If you have changed in the repair of housings, housing or bearing differentials, pick up a new thumbwheel bearings.After assembly and installation fill with fresh oil.