For assistance, refer to the masters who for a modest fee will do at its best.
If you do not want to resort to outside help, you can perform this operation on their own.
To do this you must first remove the factory trim.
Then wrap the handlebar with cling film and pasted masking tape.
next step.You will need a pencil or marker to identify the places where the seams will go.It is best to do the upholstery of the four segments, because it is the easiest way and thus you spend less on processing by a skin.
Next, on the planned lines t
o cut the film tape stationery knife.
get the parts, be sure to be numbered, so you do not have problems with the cross-linking of the skin.
then align the obtained segments as possible.After alignment, they will decrease in size due to the formation of so-called wrinkles that appear when the material passes from the surround into a flat state.
Then drag the whole thing on a solid paper or cardboard, again, do not forget about the numbering.In truth, here it is necessary to consider one small caveat.When transferring to the paper size, they need to be cut into three millimeter in those places where the skin is sewn by hand.In places the connection parts of the perimeter of wheel size on the contrary should be increased by five millimeters.
On Get clothes patterns cut blanks made of leather, which later will be pulled in the steering wheel.
Sew side order and sew around the perimeter of the reinforced thread.The length of the tie should be about five millimeters.Firmware, of course, should be done on the sewing machine.If you do not have it, you can go to the nearest clothing repair atelier where you well proshyut your homemade leather case.
further workpiece is put on the wheel.If done correctly, the operation is carried out with difficulty.
last thing left to do is to pull the finished leather cover your steering some beautiful seam.