you need
  • - blankets or cloth;
  • - polyethylene film;
  • - foam cushions;
  • - knife or string for cutting glass;
  • - ground;
  • - a vacuum cleaner;
  • - a chisel;
  • - adhesive;
  • - spatula;
  • - new windshield.
First prepare the car to replace the glass, close the passenger seat and the driver's protective covers or unnecessary tissue.The handle of the box and the steering wheel in plastic wrap and secure with tape.Be sure to close the ventilation shaft as she got in shards of glass can then fly from there with the air flow.
between the ceiling and roof of the car put some foam rollers to prevent damage to the ceiling when cutting glass.If possible, move the instrument panel or screened its metal strip from the cutting edge of the knife.
Try to keep the maximum cut evenly and smoothly on the old glue line.To level the small irregularities, special chisel.If in some places there is no paint, primer treat them.Vacuuming remove the window frame remains of dirt and dust.
Spend fitting the new windshield to the opening.Secure the thin strips of foamed polyurethane foam, glass to set the desired position.
Prepare for gluing glass, ridding it of silicone, oil and other contaminants.To improve the adhesion of the glass, using special activators and primers, additionally they will protect the seam from the destructive ultraviolet radiation.
Apply glue one indissoluble layer with a plastic nozzle with a V-neck.If such an attachment you do not, apply it with a spatula to ensure uniform thickness.
Install the windshield into the window opening, and push to the glue could grab.Immediately remove excess adhesive.If possible, check the tightness of fit of the glass using an ultrasonic detector.
After gluing the windscreen during the first days do not wash the car wash at high pressure, do not drive the borders, do not place on top of the dashboard bulky and heavy items.