you need
  • - rekeli;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - soap solution;
  • - spray.
Car Wash and polish it to a shine.The site, which is intended for pasting film , wipe degreasing agent, for example, a weak solution of mineral spirits.
Note that the ambient temperature during installation of the film should be equal to or greater than 20 degrees.Otherwise layer are not glued, or a long period.
If you plan to produce wrapping the body in the open air, make sure that the weather is windless.This is very important because it inflates the dust and debris falling on the adhesive surface of the base or the car can ruin all the work.
Apply the material to the treated area without otkleivaya it from a white paper on the back side.Then use masking tape mark the exact location of the film on
the car.
Prepare a soapy solution, which allows the application to adjust the position of the film, and successfully remove the air bubbles out from under her.Spray liquid with a spray gun, carefully covering every millimeter of space.
Lay the film on a flat, stable surface and remove it from the substrate.Be careful and make sure that the separation of films the edges are not turned up and stuck together with each other.
Put the film on the treated soapy water car.From the middle to the edges of the rubber rekelem unroll it.At the same point the fragment to smoothes the flow of hot air.Podsushivaya and while warming matte film hairdryer, careful not to overheat it, so it does not start to melt.
not rush immediately prikatyvat entire film.Please treat the part that passes through the central flat area and then gently smooth the edges of the layer, given moldings and all the complex elements.
After the entire surface will be covered with a film , dry it again hairdryer and 15-20 minutes walk along it felt rekelem.Fold the edges and hot air heating, glue them.