you need
  • - car shampoo;
  • - white spirit;
  • - polishing machine;
  • - krupnoabrazivnaya paste;
  • - circle for coarse polishing;
  • - soft cotton cloth;
  • - pasta, slightly tapered;
  • - Foam nozzle;
  • - protecting paste.
Before polishing the car, wash it using car shampoo and dry.Then, using mineral spirits, clean the body from the exhaust, asphalt stubborn particles and other contaminants that remain after washing.Now you can start polishing.
It consists of two stages.The first helps to remove deep scratches, and the second - to give the body shine.First take krupnoabrazivnuyu paste and conditionally divide the surface of a body on some parts of 40x40 cm. For the treatment of each of them will n
eed about 30 grams of paste (2 tablespoons).Spread amount of said first portion.
Replace polishing machine wheel for rough polishing and include it on the lowest speed, start to evenly distribute the paste on the surface of the body.Once you pass twice this section, switch the machine to the next speed.At the end of this stage, wipe the remnants of toothpaste with a soft, dry cotton cloth.
second stage polishing is carried out similarly to the first, but with slightly tapered and paste the appropriate polishing wheel.After every 3-4 cycles required to flush the polishing wheels with warm water and dry them.
At the end of polishing proceed to spray on the car body sheeting.To do this on a special polishing machine foam nozzle.Apply a small amount of protective paste on the polished portion and rub it thoroughly to remove clots.Leave for a few minutes until the paste begins to dry and turn white.
When this happens, turn the machine on medium speed, and start treating it the surface of the body.Be sure to observe the golden mean to be polished at all stages.It is recommended to apply a protective paste no more than once a month.After this treatment the body the next time will be just good enough to wash the car .
Polishing car possible manually.To do this, apply a clean, dry cloth, a small amount of polish.Evenly distribute it on the polished areas and let it dry out a bit before the whitish bloom.Then carefully polish the surface by making at least 15-20 circular motions at each site.