you need
  • new air filter, key, screwdriver
Turn off the engine Ford Focus.Raise the hood of the car.Under the hood is a large plastic box, which departs from the large-diameter plastic tube.In some cases, the tube may be corrugated.It should lead to the throttle of the engine, feeding air for subsequent blending with fuel.
cover hold special latches to fold, freeing the lid.This should be done without applying excessive force.If the latch is jammed, gently pry it with a screwdriver.On some models, the cover of the air filter not hold the latch bolt.In this case, pick the right key and remove them.In some cases, you may need a screwdriver.Remove the co
ver, push it up or aside, it does not damage the wires, hoses, and other communications that surround the lid and the box in which the air filter is located.
Carefully remove the old filter, which can be very contaminated.No need to shake it, just gently put aside, but rather be packed in a sealed plastic bag.Clean the lower part of the air filter of accumulated therein dust and dirt if you do not, then it will greatly contaminate the new filter, and it will last much less than it should be.Well suited for this compressor for tire inflation, compressed air supply.
Install new filter.When buying it, always make sure that it is recommended by the manufacturer to install it on the model of the Ford Focus.If possible, it is better to install a so-called original parts that certainly has the necessary resources and cleans the air supplied to the engine to the desired condition.After installation, install the top cover, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of its installation.