Tip 1: How to sheathe wheel

improve your car, it is the duty of every motorist.There are innovations that should only be carried out in specialized services, there are those who can do it yourself.However, it should be more accurate than with independent modifications inside the car.If you are not confident in their abilities and knowledge, it is better to entrust the professionals tuning cars.

One of the most important pieces in the perception of a car, of course, becomes a steering wheel.If you want to change anything in the car, you start with the wheel would be reasonable.Furthermore, it is the part that will change relatively easily.To sheathe the wheel need to do the following.

Please select the material to be swift wheel.It is better if it is dense and pleasant to the touch material.The ideal option is, of course, high-quality leather or imitation leather.Given the size of vehicles, think for the size of the cut, from which you will be cut.It is better to do it in advance to the last moment it became clear that somethi

ng was missing.

Now you need to take a sheet of drawing paper and draw on it a pattern - patterns for steering.Since the wheel round shape, it will have to make a lot of patterns.Cut the paper as long as the curve does not lie perfectly bending the wheel.

To properly cut parts of the skin need to know some of the nuances of working with leather.Place the template on the wrong side of the leather cutting, press the template to the skin and gently draw a shape it with an awl.Cut the best part with a special knife.If it's not, grab, or a very sharp knife or scissors.

When the item is ready for her to do the edges of the row of holes.The holes should be made far enough from the edge detail and from each other.Of the remaining scraps need to cut out a long string, and can be purchased separately to use, ready to lead.In addition, for the type of leather it is ready to take part and burn the soldering iron.Doing this is only for those who know how to work with a soldering iron.Otherwise, you can hurt yourself, leather and a soldering iron.

Now you can start to fix the skin on the steering wheel.Remember to sheathe the steering wheel, you must first remove the old paint from steering wheel.When all the excess is removed, you can proceed to the slinky.To do this, apply a leather steering wheel and the item to "lace" it.Accurate and tight lacing will look good.In addition, lacing allows to hide possible inaccuracy in creating patterns.

Tip 2: How to sheathe himself steering wheel

drivers who long hours have to drive a car, regardless of the season, knows firsthand what plastic wheel , and some discomfort while driving provides sweatypalms of the hands.And if even once he had a chance to drive a car, the steering wheel is trimmed with leather , he will do everything possible to ensure that its wheel also had similar accessories.
How to sheathe steering wheel
you need
  • - skin (preferably automotive) - 0.5 m,
  • - shoemaking awl,
  • - scissors,
  • - sewing machine.
In any case the cornerstone Furrier - pattern.Obmeryaem steering wheel: the length of the rim (the inner and outer diameter), the diameter of the rim of the steering wheel and the distance between spitsami.Na data obtained on paper is a sketch pattern.In the future site of the seams on the outside diameter, add 5 mm, and the internal - turn down to 5 mm.Then the model of the future to cover wheel made from fabric, but it's better to use leather.
The moment fitting.Imposing mock cover on the steering wheel, an awl in place the last cross-stitched seam.If success was accompanied by activities and meet the master case, proceed directly to its manufacturing of core material.
In those cases where the desired result is not achieved the first time, the configuration patterns is corrected, and then fitted the pattern of cross-stitched seams.All but the last stitch, which is stitched only the middle and the edges are sewn exclusively on the steering wheel.
On the final stage of a cross-linked on a typewriter cover superimposed on the steering wheel.First awl neproshitye sewn edge of the last suture.Then proceed to the inner edges of the cover-linking.This procedure uses an awl or lavsanovaja and silk thread.Step seam - 3-5 mm.
  • as the steering wheel sheathing video