Tip 1: How to increase the power of the engine 2109

Tuning domestic car - it is an interesting exercise, which involved virtually every owner.Decorate and appearance, and the interior of the vehicle.Without the attention and remains the engine, which gives a little more horses.
nine exterior design can be very attractive after the tuning, but if the engine is under the hood, horses which wither, the overall impression of the car is bad.Therefore it is necessary to change the power unit to the maximum, so that not only look beautiful, but also effectively start from traffic lights.But this would require to carry out a range of activities aimed at improving the dynamics and power.

relief units - the success

take as easy as possible following engine components:
- pistons;
- the crankshaft;
- rods;
- flywheel.

sale can be found already lightweight items manufactured specifically for tuning engines.In addition, the increase in the motor allows to add a few horsepower.But the most boring of cylinders used is highly undesirable.Just in case the next ove
rhaul would have to install new cartridges.This rather large outlay of money.

Change the carburetor to the injector

If you have a carburetor fuel injection system, it is best to replace the injector.As a result, you get a lot of benefits against which the deficiencies are not very noticeable.The advantages include:

- the ability to flash the ECU under the desired operating mode;
- fuel economy;
- the ability to install turbo;
- reduction of emissions (although this is very few people care).

Turbocharging works best is with injection engines.We have carburetors feature - they are sensitive to the amount of air.It is also possible to install HBO fourth generation car.It is not necessary to put the fifth, because it expensive to maintain and repair, and possibly on a par with the fourth.Loss of power will be only 3%, but the savings on fuel is noticeable.

Installing turbines

This is something that can increase the power of the engine several times.Quality turbine from a reliable manufacturer will improve the characteristics of the engine many times.Only it is desirable that the engine was in perfect condition, otherwise it will not turn to squeeze out the maximum.The turbine is driven by exhaust gases, therefore only works when the engine running.You could even say that the engine runs by itself.

from the impeller in the exhaust manifold along the axis of movement is transmitted to the compressor configured using gears.This type of compressor is not afraid of high temperatures and fairly durable.As a result, the air under high pressure is injected into the power system, this engine power is increased.

There are a lot of nuances in the work of the turbine.For example, at certain engine speeds there is a failure.In this work the turbocharger is not felt.Overpay a little, you can purchase the turbine, which is equipped with two compressors, in which the failure occurs at different engine speeds.As a result, they cancel each other out, and the driver does not appear discomfort from such behavior of the motor.

Tip 2: How to increase the engine power at the WHA

In Russia, the vast majority of motorists drive their cars VAZ.This is due to the low cost of domestic cars and easy maintenance.However, the VAZ engines are very weak, so many owners of these vehicles have a desire to increase the power powertrain.
How to increase the engine power at the WHA
you need
  • - turbine and accessories thereto;
  • - Tools:
  • - computer;
  • - cable;
  • - new firmware;
  • - additives.
Replace firmware ECU more productive.In other words, do the chip-tuning.This method is only suitable for injection engines.Find out which version of firmware is installed on your car.For flashing you need a computer and a special cable.With this cable to connect a computer to the diagnostic socket of your vehicle.You will also need a special program, which will allow access to the management of the engine electronic control unit .Download the new firmware and download it.Adjust all settings.Remember that the power increase will result in an increase in fuel consumption.
Use special additives.Additives - a chemical mixture that, when added to allow the fuel to achieve a small increase in engine power .Currently, the market represented a huge range of different kinds of additives.They allow you to reduce the coefficient of friction of working parts of the engine , as well as to increase the compression.Together, this gives an increase of power of the power unit.Also, special additives cherish engine gives fuel to burn completely.This allows you to extend the life of the engine .
very productive method is to increase the working volume of the engine .In this case, the power increase reaches the cylinder bores by means of the replacement or the crankshaft on the other, with a large stroke.The disadvantages of this method include the reduction in the efficiency of the power plant and increase fuel consumption.This procedure can be done with your hands only if you are an auto mechanic or well versed in the device VAZ engines.You will also need a set of special tools.
Replace your engine turbokomplekt.It is recommended to put the turbine only to those engines, the volume of which is not less than 1.6 liters.Who are sold whole sets, which include a turbine directly and all the components that will be needed to install it.This method allows to increase the capacity of engine half.It all depends on the settings of the turbine.
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