you need
  • Tester
Calculate total power consumers, which can be operated from the mains supply generator simultaneously.To do this, find their rated power network of relevant documentation.If this is not possible, using a tester that is configured to measure the resistance, get the value of each of the devices in ohms, then the square of voltage to divide the measured resistance P = U² / R.All received power fold, the result is the unknown quantity.It is absolutely not important type of wiring in the circuit.
obtained power consumers should not exceed power generator , if they are connected to a network of more than 5 minutes.If you do not comply with this rule, the generator can simply burn.There
fore, when the generator output to the maximum power , constantly monitor his condition, preventing overheating of the engine and its windings.
When calculating power generator keep in mind that it should exceed the total capacity of all consumers at least 25%.This will greatly extend the life of the generator , eliminating limiting modes.There will always be power supply for the connection of the consumer, the calculation is not made.When you run the powerful consumers will be able to generate their starting currents, which can significantly exceed the estimates of their rated capacity.
Consider the power of devices that are not connected at the same time.For example, if running the audio and video equipment in the house are the guests, few who come to mind vacuuming or washing.Such customers can be divided into different groups.In this case it will take less power generator.When connecting the motors and other appliances with high reactance, consider the ratio of active power, which increases power consumption device.