History of discovery

Titanium was discovered in the late XVIII century, independent scientists from England and Germany.In the periodic table of elements DIMendeleev titanium placed in group 4 with an atomic number of 22. Quite a long time, scientists did not see any prospects in titanium, because it was very fragile.But in 1925, Dutch scientists J. de Boer and A. van Arkel in the laboratory were able to obtain pure titanium, which has become a real breakthrough in all sectors.

properties of titanium

Pure titanium was incredibly technology.It has ductility, low density, high specific strength, corrosion re
sistance and durability when exposed to high temperatures.Titanium is twice as strong as steel and six times stronger than aluminum.The supersonic aircraft titanium is indispensable.After all, at an altitude of 20 km the aircraft reach speeds exceeding the speed of sound three times.The temperature of the plane body is heated to 300 ° C.These conditions are maintained only titanium alloys. titanium shavings fire risk, and titanium dust can explode at all.With the explosion of the flash point can reach 400 ° C.

The strongest on the planet

Titan is so light and strong that of alloys made body aircraft and submarines, tanks, armor and bulletproof vests, as well as use in nuclear technology.Another remarkable property of the metal is in its passive impact on the living tissues.Only titanium osteoprotezy do.Some are made of titanium semi-precious stones and jewelry.

Chemical Industry is also not left unattended titanium.In many harsh environments metal does not corrode.Titanium dioxide is used for the manufacture of white paint, in the manufacture of plastic and paper, as well as a food additive E171. The hardness scale metal titanium is second only to tungsten, and platinum metals.

Distribution and stocks

Titanium metal is fairly common.The nature of this indicator, it ranks tenth.The Earth's crust contains about 0.57% titanium.Currently, scientists know more than a hundred minerals that contain metal.Its deposits are spread across the whole world.Engaged in the extraction of titanium in China, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, India and Japan.


For several years, scientists are conducting research on new metal, which has been called "liquidity-metal".The present invention is aiming for the title of the new, most durable metal on the planet.But while still in the solid form, it is not received.