Retrospection to basics

information - this is what everyone has in its arsenal.The information can be textual, in the form of images, audio and video files, and files of various formats (depending on the viewer information).There are only ways of distinguishing the transmission of this information.

should be noted that any communication, including communication in writing, regardless of the topic of conversation - all this transfer of information.The most common way to transmit such information - in person to tell the person what you need.With this meaning is not lost, and we can discuss the details on the spot.

Back in the Middle Ages, when, for whatever reasons, personal contact was not possible, information messages transmitted via a messenger.However, this process was not perfec

t, because people simply could not forget any detail and lose the meaning of the message.In this regard, after the information was broadcast through writing.He also delivered a messenger.He could pass and response from destination to destination.Subsequently for these purposes began to use carrier pigeons.

Closer to our time

In more recent times, when there was a government post, the need for pigeons disappeared.Postal services delivered and continue to deliver the information message.Soon came the age of radio, telegraph and telephone.These devices can send messages much faster than through the mail.

Today, the most effective means of transmitting information are mobile telephony and internet.They allow you to instantly connect with someone, send text messages, music, images and other file formats.This postal services are still popular, but not for personal correspondence, and for sending (receipt) parcels and packages, as well as the connection with the legal entities, public enterprises and other.

Another modern means of conveying information are removablecarriers.It is a diskette drives, flash cards and USB-drives that can be transferred to third parties.There are also virtual storage media, allowing to store it on the Internet.It makes this information available to everyone who has the ability to connect to the network and the required permissions issued by the owner of the information.

Violetta Babakina author KakProsto