«Cross of St. George" - the national flag of England.It is a rectangular red cross on a white background.St. George - the patron saint of England.The banner with the cross of St. George, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, has appeared in the British army still under King Richard the Lionheart.Later it became the national flag and ensign of the Royal Navy.According to another version, supported by many historians, "Cross of St. George" was originally the flag of the Republic of Genoa.And the English kings paid annual tribute to Genoa dozham for the right to use the flag on their ships and rely on the protection of a powerful Genoese fleet.
Флаг Англии "крест Святого Георгия"
«Lions going on guard" - a tradition
al English coat of arms.Leo was originally the emblem of the dynasty Plantagenet monarchs who ruled England from the mid 12th to the end of the 14th century.In the most famous representative of this dynasty, Richard the Lionheart, the Lions became the emblem of three.Over time, the national emblem of Great Britain completed the other characters.But now the logo based on the three lions used by many English-governmental organizations, in particular, the English Football Association.
Герб "львы идущие на стороже"
«Tudor Rose" - another well-known heraldic emblem.It symbolizes the end of a devastating civil "War of the Roses."Perennial confrontation ended with the ascent to the throne of Henry VII Tudor.His father was descended from the House of Lancaster, whose symbol was a red rose.The mother was heiress before a hostile House of York, who symbolized the white rose.
Английская национальная геральдическая эмблема "роза Тюдоров"
golden harp on a blue field - the State Emblem of the Republic of Ireland.Harp became the symbol of the country in the 15th century.Why is this instrument became the state emblem, is not known to historians.In the book, Charles Allyarda "the flag", published in 1708, there is a version of one of the ancient rulers chose the Irish harp as a symbol of his personal heavenly intercessor of the biblical King David and the prophet, the famous poet and musician.
Герб Ирландской республики "Золотая арфа на синем поле"
Shamrock - trading symbol of Ireland, officially registered at the World Intellectual Property Registry.On the Irish emblem is called "Shamrock", which means "clover".Depicted as a threefold leaf clover.According to legend, the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick Shamrock explained by the example of the meaning of the teachings of the Church of the Trinity.
The shamrock emblem of Ireland
tri-color national flag of Ireland, consisting of three vertical stripes of green, white and orange.The green color is treated as Irish nationalism.Orange is the Dutch prince William of Orange, who became King of England William III and conquered Ireland.White is a truce between "green" and "orange".
The flag of the Republic of Ireland