Formulate requirements for the management of the organization, the essence of a disagreement and goals you want to achieve with the strike.Determine the number of employees of the participating organizations, as well as the timing of its start, which should not exceed two months from the date of the decision on its announcement.Select a responsible person who will represent employees in negotiations with management.
Collect general meeting of employees of the organization.It must contain at least half of all state enterprises to such a meeting was valid and authorized.Provide suitable facilities for this pre-strike meeting is the direct responsibility of the management of the organization and perpetration of any obstacle to the collectio
n of illegal.
Representative Group may also restrict the collection of signatures of workers who agree to take part in the upcoming strike.Such a measure used if employees hold a meeting for one reason or another is not possible.The decision to declare a strike, issued on the basis of the collected signatures, has the same force as that taken at the end of the general meeting.
Wait for a solution that will guide the organization.An additional tool to influence may be so-called pre-emptive strike.It is possible to arrange, with the knowledge of the employer for at least two days before the start.Held a warning strike may only once, its duration is one hour.
warn of a future full-fledged strike of the company's management at least five working days before it starts.If the organization is engaged in trade union strikes, such a minimum period between the announcement of the strike and its beginning is increased to seven working days.