you need
  • - 2 copies of the questionnaire on the passport;
  • - 2 photos;
  • - internal passport;
  • - a copy of employment record, certified by the employer, or the original;
  • - money to pay the state duty.
Before filling out an application for a passport, get a copy of his work on the employment record.It will help you fill in the section on employment in the last 10 years.
It usually presents the greatest difficulty.The main points: there should be no reductions, and if there is a break in seniority in the column of the post write "temporarily unavailable" as the address of the organization to include your domashniy.Esli place in the questionnaire under the whole career is not enough, have to fillanother (in
duplicate), which specify all nevmestivshiesya information.
Take the application form you can on the official website of the FMS of Russia, or get it in the paper version of its department of FMS.There are all the necessary forms and firms specializing in the provision of services for completing documents for submission to FMS.Samostoyatelno taken from the online application form you need to print on both sides of a single sheet, so that none of them did not look "upside down."
You can also fill out a form on the website, ""In this case you will need a digital photo.About to go on the territorial office of the Federal Migration Service.You just need to go there with a set of other documents.
completed questionnaire will need to assure the place of work and signature of the official seal of the organization.Usually require the signature of the head of the Federal Migration Service of the organization or its personnel department.Visa is a simple inspector personnel is not necessary.
alternative - together with the application form to provide the employer or by a notary certified extract from the employment history or if you are currently not working, its original source.
details for payment of registration fee, you can learn in its territorial department of the Federal Migration Service, the site of the regional government departments or consultants of Sberbank.Receipt - fill in by hand, taking the form from the customer support department, or found on the Internet, to make the information on your computer and print, and then make a payment through the Savings Bank.
need two photos passport for travel abroad .Requirements for it is better to check with the department of FMS.They are formulated on a portal "" in the relevant section.
Hang whether the photo on the questionnaire yourself, or it will make workers FMS specify the territorial unit.
men of military age (18 to 27 years not included) you will need to mark the passage of military card or military service papers from the recruiting office, that he has no claims on the part of the evasion of military service.
And soldiers and officers - commanders permission to travel abroad, drawn up in a proper manner.
If you have on hand the old passport, the validity of which has not yet expired, include a set of documents and his.
When submitting documents at his residence passport should be ready in a month, the time of registration - 4 months.